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Monday, July 5, 2010

Self Snap

As if people weren’t getting narcissistic enough with all the social networking sites and-ahem-blogs out there, now Apple (proving how well it has its finger on society’s pulse) has introduced a new iPhone with a second camera lens that faces the viewer (instead of the view), so you can easily take photographs of yourself. No more struggling with capturing a good self portrait. But what’s most surprising about the phenomenon is the pictures are actually quite interesting. So kudos to all those self-absorbed iPhone photographers out there. Good job!

On a parallel front, en route to the river on July 4th for a much needed float, a friend whipped out her iPhone to show off her new Fatbooth app., a hit in Europe it takes your picture and than adds poundage making the relatively trim look morbidly obese. (Probably in Europe they say it makes them look like Americans.) I’m going to get a copy of mine and paste it on my fridge.

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