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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Family Values

Is it just me, or do others loathe the stick families you see on the back of minivans as much as I do? The glib, pro-family message they send strikes me as essentially homophobic and I can’t help but feel there’s some creepy religious undertone to it all.

The stick families are not only vapid, but seem to reveal a peculiar level of self-absorption. First of all, do the people who have them really think others on the road care about their stick figure families? And, call me paranoid, but do they really want that kind of information (i.e. the names of their children) out there?

Someone pointed out to me that 9 times out of 10 while the figures are stick, the person driving the vehicle is usually fat. Is this some kind of weird group body dysmorphia disorder?

I have fantasies of all the unorthodox families I could come up with for the back of my car, I’m sure someone’s beaten me to this. I sure hope so and that I’ll see their handiwork soon.

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  1. According to a recent BBC report "America has the worst child abuse record in the industrialized world." In my mind, this statistic makes a mockery of these insipid decal portrayals of the "happy" American family. Indeed, it makes one fear for the well being of the little ones in side some of those self-righteous minivans....